Polyethylene powder designed for metal coating by electrostatic or electrokinetic spraying.


The recommended spray guns are electrostatic (Korona) or electrokinetic (Tribo).

Quality guarantee:

The whole production process is carried out under strict quality control standard per ISO 9001:2000.

Product specification sheet KPE 20

PE thermoplastic blend for electrostatic and electrokinetic spray coating.


Polisint    thermoplastic powder is based on a modified polyethylene and is specially developed to provide long-term, protective surface layer of iron, galvanized steel and aluminum both for the interior and the exterior applications.


Polisint    is resistant to mechanical damage, stress cracking, adverse weather conditions, detergents, chemicals, acids, solutions, salts and air pollutants in the air. The surface has excellent adhesion to metal. The resulting surface also provides very good abrasion and impact resistance.

Polisint   KPE 20

Typical coating characteristics

Cured film thickness

Impact force (ASTM D 2794-93)

Adhesion (ASTM D 3359-93A)

Abrasion resistance Taber CS10 500g 500c

Salt bath - 1000 hours - cut with steel 

120-250 micron

˃ 10 J


4 mg

loss of film adhesion less than 10 mm from the cut

Melting point


MFI 190 ºC,  2,16 kg


Particle size

Powder coverage

109 ºC


4 - 8 g/10´

0,93 g/cm3

90% less than 200 µm

5,23 m2/kg at 200 µm


The steel surface must be cleaned of grease and other impurities with technical petrol. For better adhesion of the material is recommended to slightly roughen the surface.

How to Use





no adhesion loss

no signs of corrosion

loss of film adhesion less than 10 mm from the cut


corrosion under layer of 2-3 mm

after 1000 hours


300 - 1000 µm

- acids and alkali

- salts /except peroxide/

- solutions 60 ºC

undamaged surface

cross-sectioned surface (X)

ISO 7253

ISO 2813


Chemical resistance

Neutral Salt Spray test


Recommended film thickness

Cured film properties





Application by electrostatic and electrokinetic spray guns:


Applying with electrostatic (KORONA) gun requires negative polarity. Powder can be also sprayed with electrokinetic (TRIBO) guns. Recommended setting is 30-50 kV or 10-20 µA. After coating, the product must be heated up in oven at 190-220° C for 10-20 minutes depending on the thickness of the applied powder. Recommended thickness 250-300 microns.

Application Method