How it Works

PE Powder Coating of Metals

PE Powder Coating Examples


Polyetylene powder designed for metal coating in fluid bed coating process.


The oven preheated metal product is immersed for a few seconds into the air-fluidized powder bath. The powder is bonded and partially melted. Subsequently, the product is heated up again in the oven where the powder creates monolithic and smooth surface. The coating thickness is between 300-600 microns.


Major advantage of the fluid bed method is a waste-free 100% usage of the powder, which is either melted onto the product or remains in a bath. The ability to coat several products at once by immersion in a fluid bath makes this method very efficient. Truly low-tech technology that does not require a lot of interventions or adjustments.



Polyethylene powder designed for metal coating by electrostatic or electrokinetic spraying.


The recommended spray guns are electrostatic (Korona) or electrokinetic (Tribo).


Micromill recommends to always degrease the metal surface before coating, for example by phosphating, which will dramatically increase the life of the coating. 

Next, the cold metal is coated with powder using one of the spray guns. After spraying, the product is heated up in the oven at 160°C to 220°C for 5 to 40 minutes depending on the thickness. The resulting layer thickness is from 150 to 250 microns.


Garden Furniture

Architects and outdoor furniture designers were for years searching for a material that would withstand the rigors of the outdoors. The answer is polyethylene powder coating that has excellent resistance to UV and salt. Previously customers chose PVC material, but with the arrival of polyethylene powder the situation has changed. Although the price is per weight higher, with effective usage the cost of polyethylene coated product is lower. PE does not require the use of primers, and since it is a lower density material, the consumption of powder is lower, and the technological process is environmentally friendly, further reducing the true cost.

Fences and Fence Posts

Fences production requires a very durable powder with excellent adhesion. Additionally it must be aesthetic in both in color and gloss. Polyethylene powder coating is in all respects suitable for outdoor use. Unlike PVC it does not require the use of primer. The resulting surface is very durable - provides very good protection against UV radiation and weather. It has a high degree of elasticity.

Wire Shelves and Baskets

We offer a variety of polyethylene powders for coating of wire-based products, such as wire baskets and shelves for domestic or industrial use, like for refrigerators and freezers.

excellent coverage in problem areas like corners, joints, sharp edges

lower powder and energy consumption. In many cases, customers notice up to 20% less material consumption with Micromill powder than with their original powder.

attractive looking surface that provides long-term protection

certification for contact with the food

surface does not crack peel

Steel products

An example of a speciality powder developed for a customer for coating steel products. The typical thickness is 600-800 microns, the surface is smooth and compared to polyurethane requires lower oven temperatures and the price is half. Our powder has high strength, electrical and chemical resistance. Advantages are the impact resistance and excellent adhesion to metal. It does not require the use of special primers. It has good coverage and sharp edges.

Handrails and Brackets

The thermoplastic powder coating for a very reasonable price provides long-lasting surface treatment of metals. Comparing to other types of treatments, the polyethylene powder coating gives the best thermal comfort when touched, whether in hot or cold weather. A layer with a thickness of 170 - 300 microns can be achieved by an electrostatic gun, and up to 750 microns by the fluidisation method. PE surface prevents heat transport from the hands to the metal, thus forming an excellent thermal insulation.

Plumbing Fixtures and Pipes

Both Thermofix    and Polisint    PE powders meet the requirements for environmental protection. The material is certified for contact with drinking water and contact with food. All raw materials used in the manufacture of our powders are halogen-free and heavy metals free.